First Personal Blog

We haven't been much of a bloggers in recent years, but we are going to change that and make an honest attempt to keep up with the social media world. We feel the need to connect with people, to share our stories and to listen to yours. We find this need of connection intriguing, maybe it's because it's a "new" interest of ours. We have also been connecting with a lot of photographers through Instagram, We love sharing our work and receiving feedback from others. It pushes us to get more creative and inspires us to become more unique within our style of photography. 

In July 2014 we decided to relocate to Nashville,TN! It was the best decision that we have ever made besides getting married of course. We have spent so much time exploring and building up a sense of direction here in Tennessee. We couldn't imagine life without a "smartphone" and google maps! So in September we decided to head out towards Murfreesboro,TN for the first time, we looked on the map and picked out a park that we found near us. We wanted to go walk around and capture some images of our son Tristan. The sun was just starting to go down and we were able to catch a couple photographs that we fell in love with. Our son Tristan was a little over a year old when these were taken. Check them out!