Nashville Wedding Photographers - Live - Laugh - Love

We've noticed throughout our life that we have heard this simple saying like "Live - Laugh - Love". It has often run through our minds but we never really put deep thought into it. The important things that we all tend to forget in this busy world tend to be some of the most important things we should be remembering. We usually get so wrapped up in a project, work, children or a variety of other things that we end up putting off some of these things. 

We can't tell you how many times we have been guilty of this ourselves, we get caught up with work and sometimes "forget" the simple things in life. If we could all just spend a few more moments living, laughing and loving could you imagine the impact that it would have on our relationships? We just realize as each day goes by that it's so important to cherish these moments, live life to the fullest and be happy. 

We re so lucky that we am reminded of how love is supposed to be, thanks to all of our couples we get to spend so much time with. We have the opportunity to meet so many amazing people and be a part of their first day as husband and wife. It's truly a blessing be able to see this "live-laugh-love" part of relationships with so many different people. It's a reminder when we get home at night to just live in that moment. We not only get to spend time with different amazing couples but we get to edit for hours, We actually re-live these moments that we captured. We would like to share a couple recent inspiring photos with you, maybe they will be as touching to you as they are for us.