Nashville Wedding Photographers - Spread The Word To End The Word

Today is Spread The Word To End The Word Day across the nation. It's a day to help spread awareness about the hurtfulness of the "R" word by pledging and sharing stories. As Nashville Wedding Photographers it is extremely important to spread  awareness and demonstrate respect to all. 

The word "retarded" is a derogatory term for individuals with special needs which can be extremely hurtful and offensive to them. This campaign is an effort to spread awareness about eliminating the "R" word from everyones vocabulary. The words people say effect others attitudes and perceptions of themselves which in turn effect their actions. 

As Nashville Wedding Photographers we are invested in the Nashville community. A campaign like Spread The Word To End The Word can have an altering impact on the community in a positive way. All individuals within the community regardless of their disability, make-up or background should feel loved and accepted. 

Please take the time and visit to learn more and pledge to Spread The Word To End The Word.