Nashville Wedding Photographers - Gatlinburg Get Away With B&B Portraits

Lately, in Nashville, TN the weather has been so cold and unpleasant. After almost a week of being stuck in the house due to the nasty weather, we decided we needed to get away. Gatlinburg, TN is one of our favorite vacation spots. When we lived in Ohio we would usually travel down to Gatlinburg,TN at least 3 times per year. Now that we live in Nashville we absolutely love that one of our favorite vacation locations is only 3.5 hours away instead of the 8 hour haul from Cleveland. We love to be spontaneous, however as Nashville wedding photographers it can be difficult to get away last minute because our weekends are usually full of wedding excitement. This weekend it just so happened that the stars aligned and we could set off on a last minute trip to Gatlinburg.

We know our good friends Michael and Michelle Blair from B&B Portraits are also spontaneous wedding photographers just like us. We didn't expect them to have the time to get away, I asked if they would be interested anyways. Sure enough they were in need of a little get away as much as we were! We found a cabin at our absolute favorite place, Oak Haven Resort & Spa, packed our photography gear, said goodbye to our dogs and headed to Gatlinburg. 

It turned out that the weather wasn't much better there, however that didn't stop us from getting out and exploring the Smokey Mountains. As a group of photographers we could not pass up the opportunity to stop along the road, set up our equipment and get some amazing shots with the beautiful mountain views.