Investing In Photos From Professional Print Labs vs. Local Print Centers... It Does Matter!

We took the time to get one of our images printed locally at different print centers and we want to show you the difference. You will see a comparison of images below and you will be able to see the difference in quality very easily. 

Why is there a price difference between our prints developed at a professional print lab and a local print center?

Our images we deliver digitally have been professionally edited, it can take hours to complete the process and prepare the image for print. It's not as easy as walking into the "one hour photo" drugstores and receiving a quality print. It is a specialized process that requires everything to align correctly, it isn't a cheap process. There is a huge price difference for several reasons. We have listed below just a few explaining some of the biggest differences between your nearest "one hour photo" center and a professional photo lab where we have our prints developed.

  • The Qualify of Paper: The local photo centers found in local consumer stores typically us really low quality printing paper. This low quality paper isn't designed to produce high quality images. Since we use professional DSLR cameras that produce high quality files. The only way to produce the best quality images is to use high-quality photographic archival paper that professional print labs use.  
  • Printing Equipment + Software: The majority of local print centers use outdated software and low quality printers. This will result in low quality images, our print lab uses the latest technology and the best software to ensure high quality and accurate prints. 
  • Calibration of Equipment: We calibrate our monitors to coincide with our labs printing equipment. Local photo centers try and automatically color correct our perfected images. This results in horrible looking low quality images. We work closely with our labs to ensure that our calibration and files we supply create the highest quality prints.  When we edit our images each file is not only color corrected but it is calibrated to match our labs high quality printers.
  • Size of Files and Prints: The files we provide in your gallery can be printed and put on a billboard without sacrificing quality. When we order prints our labs use a very complex software system to make sure that the quality of the image is retained no matter what size print is being created. Local photo centers just stretch the images to the size selected and cram it into the frame resulting in a low quality distorted prints. This is a delicate process and should be handled between professionals. 
  • Time + Investment + Guarantee:  You invest in us and we invest in you! The local photo center might get your photos completed in about an hour but the low quality results will leave you very disappointed. These photo centers don't invest the same time and quality we do to create a beautiful looking photo. The software, hardware, computers and equipment required to produce high quality images is an ongoing investment each year that we have to make. We do this because we want to make you happy, we want to be able to create prints that last a lifetime. We want to guarantee you are happy and in order to do that we have to invest in each other. 

These local print centers are designed for printing snapshots or iPhone photos. The quality of images we deliver are completely different. If you are going to invest a lot of money choosing the right photographers for your wedding or photo session then why waste money on low quality prints that don't represent your initial investment. 

The results will vary based on the consumer location you choose to have prints made. If you choose us the results will be the same, we only deliver high quality prints. We want our prints to represent our brand and we want to make you happy. If you do decide to print through one of these consumer photo centers, we can't guarantee your satisfaction. We just want to make sure you that you understand the concept of "you get what you paid for." We want to make sure that you make an educated decision, we don't want you to waste your money and be disappointed.