Nashville Engagement Photographers - Silhouettes

It was a beautiful summer day and we were meeting one of our couples at the beach. We were inspired to capture some silhouettes after reading another photographers blog. We were so excited, I couldn't have asked for a better sunset. We tend to lean more on the spontaneous side, willing to go out of our way to capture that perfect shot. We always feel the end result is much better and we are encompassed with a feeling of accomplishment. 

As Nashville engagement photographers. engagement sessions are something we really look forward too, going out and having a great time with our couples is something we really enjoy doing. We love when they have ideas, we take them and together we create timeless images. We always try and change our techniques a bit, it helps to improve on our images. We find that trying new things creates new images while still maintaining our overall style. 

When the session was over we went home and uploaded the images on our hard drive. We woke up in the morning and the first thing that we did was check them out! We were so happy, the session turned out wonderful! We felt that sense of accomplishment we were talking about earlier. We nailed it, We turned a collaboration of visions into images. If you have a vision and you would like to make it happen, lets do it! We would love to hear from you, lets get creative and together we could make that vision turn into a image. 

Here are two of our favorite silhouettes from that evening!