Nashville Wedding Photographers Photo Booth

We have an awesome open air photo booth that you can include in your wedding collection! If you like taking epic selfies with your family and friends then this is for you! We have a wide variety of props to make each picture unique and hilarious. With an open air photo booth you can fit more people in the photo instead of trying to squeeze into a tiny booth with 2 or 3 people. 

 Our photo booth is customized with a personalized template for each event. We can print two 2x6 strips or one 4x6 photo. We also deliver all of these images digitally into the same gallery we deliver your wedding images in! 

What does our booth include?

  • 3 Hours Of Coverage With A Photographer
  • Easy To Use Touch Screen
  • Printer - Customized Print Templates
  • Unlimited Prints - 2x6 Photo Strips or 4x6 Photo
  • Variety of Cool Props
  • 4 Different Background Options
  • Social Media Sharing - *requires wifi connection